Essay Bags Or Under Eye Bags?

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Book Bags or Under-eye Bags?
It is often joked about how teenagers love to sleep and can never wake up early however, many do not realize that there are legitimate scientific reasons as to why this is. Many may attribute teenagers’ inherent sleepiness to their staying up late doing who knows what or a general laziness, but, although those may apply to some teens, it is actually caused by a change in their biological clocks, or circadian rhythms, delaying sleep by several hours, something that is also made even worse by having to wake up early in the morning for school. Teenagers are being forced into a sleep schedule that does not suit their biological needs and is causing bad sleeping habits early on in their lives. Schools may think that they are helping students by starting school early and therefore ending it early, or others may feel that it is not as big an issue as it is made out to be, but scientific evidence proves that schools are actually damaging the students more than they realize and even hurting themselves as well. However, despite it being mildly controversial, if schools pushed back their start times, both schools and teens would benefit from students getting more sleep in return for an increase in mental, emotional and physical health in students and higher academic performance for the schools.
The biggest problem with the early start times is the disruption of the circadian rhythms of students. The circadian rhythm is a natural way for the body to keep…

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