Essay about Bad Grades On The College

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For the same reasons, many students receive poor grades in the college. Bad grades in the college are really common among students. However, it might cause serious problems in the future. Such as, bad grades on a job application which is the worse thigh about it. If you try to transfer to a new university it can be a problem to get in the college or to get financial help because many students depend on financial aid from the government and the most import thing for that is grade. Sometimes, bad grades might even harm your relationship with your family. Another problem is that poor grades tend to diminish students’ interest in whatever they’re learning. In order to avoid bad grades in the college every student should focus on organization, management of time and study skills.
It is necessary for every student to learn how to manage their time in the college. In fact, the college student life is busy, and most of the students that received bad grades complain about not having enough time. However, the real difficult thing is how to spend your time correctly. The first step to manage your time and spend it correctly is to make a list of your weekly activities, after having all the thing in the list you should recognize and eliminate anything that is non-important. The second step is to get a calendar and your list of activities and create a schedule and setting up certain amount of time for each thing and reduce the maximum time that you can playing video games or social media…

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