Background Of Student Guidance Services

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Register to read the introduction… To help the individual, by his own efforts so far as possible, to achieve up to the level of his own capacity, to gain personal satisfactions in as many aspects of his life as possible, and to make his maximum contribution to the society. 2. To assist the individual to meet and solve his own problems as they arise, to make correct interpretations of facts, and to make wise choices and adjustments. 3. To help the individual to lay a permanent foundation for sound, mature adjustments. 4. To assist the individual to live a well-balanced life in all aspects – physical, mental, emotional, and …show more content…
It also renders services to the institution in the educational work it is carrying on. These services can be classified as services to the instructional staff, services to the administration, and research services. According to Froehlich, the guidance program should facilitate the work of the instructional staff along three main avenues: 1. The program should assist teachers in their efforts to understand students. 2. It should offer teachers systematic in-service training activities. 3. It should provide for referrals of students by teachers. Within a school, the guidance department has all the accumulated information concerning individual students and concerning groups of students. In serving the administration of the school, the guidance program should perform at least two important functions: First, because the guidance department has a wide variety of data about individual students, it can identify the needs of many of them. Some of these needs can be met through individual counseling. Others of these needs can be met through classroom or group …show more content…
Descriptions and interpretations of these data from the questionnaires were also stated for easier understanding of the results of the study. 1. What is the assessment of the seniors on the Guidance Program in terms of the level of awareness of students of its programs?
| |Strongly Agree |Agree |Disagree |Strongly |Weighted Mean |Verbal |
| | | | |Disagree | |Description |
|The Guidance Office conducts regular orientation for students|26 |96 |16 |1 |3.06 |Average |
|regarding its programs and services. |(18.71%) |(69.06%) |(11.51%) |(0.72%) | | |
|The Guidance Office, thru the year-level counselor, regularly|30 |95 |14 |0 |3.12 |Average

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