Background Of Coca Cola Company

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The history of Coca-Cola begins in the year 1886. An Atlanta pharmacist named Dr. John S. Pemberton created a distinctive tasting soft drink which was just inspired by his simple curiosity. He created the syrup by mixing it with carbonated water and then sampled it to the customers. Every customer agreed that the new drink was something special and excellent. Therefore, Jacobs’ Pharmacy put the new drink on sale for five cents each glass. The new drink was then named ‘Coca-Cola’ by Frank M. Robinson, which is Dr. Pemberton’s partner and bookkeeper. Not only that, the designing of the trademark which is still used today is also credited by Frank M. Robinson too. During the first year, it is said that the sales averaged at nine servings per day …show more content…
He sold portions of his business to various parties. Asa Griggs Candler, an Atlanta businessman had the majority of the interest sold. Over the year 1888-1891, Mr. Candler secured rights to the business for about $2,300. He is the first president and is the first to bring real vision to the business and the brand of Coca-Cola. He is the one who transformed Coca-Cola from an invention into a business. By promoting and introducing people the new beverage, Coca-Cola, Mr Candler found excellent and brilliant ideas like giving coupons and distributing clocks, urns, calendars with the branding of Coca-Cola. The aggressive promotion worked greatly and by year 1895, Mr Candler had built syrup plants in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. In 1894, a businessman from Mississippi named Joseph Biedenharn became the first to bottle the Coca-Cola. In the year 1899, two lawyers, Benjamin Thomas and Joseph Whitehead helped secured the exclusive rights from Mr Candler to bottle and sell the beverage for only a dollar. They had developed the first evolution of the Coca-Cola worldwide bottling system.
As the business of Coca-Cola grew bigger, there were competitors who imitated the product. To protect the brand and product of Coca-Cola, the company focused on advertising the authenticity of Coca-Cola. Not only that, the company also created a special bottle shape, the Contour Bottle, in order to assure that people were getting the real Coca-Cola. The new Coca-Cola bottle was so special that it could be recognized even in the dark and yet easily separated the Coca-Cola brand with others competitors’

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