Babettes Feast Essay

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Babettes Feast is about two sisters named Martine and Philippa who are the daughters of a pastor who founded his own religious sect. They prove to be very selfless and caring throughout the movie. The sisters had given up their chance at romance and fame in their earlier days but had always ended up taking refuge in their religion. One night a woman refugee named Babette from Paris fled to Denmark with the help of her nephew, Achille Papin. Achille sent a personal letter asking for the girls to take care of her. The girls take her in and Babette works as a cook and a housekeeper. Babette spends 14 years as their cook but keeps ties in Paris so that her friend can renew her lottery ticket every year. This proves to be very fortunate in the …show more content…
She spent the entire amount that she won from the lottery on this meal and I think this was a very good thing to show all the villagers. If one person could be so selfless and sacrifice everything she owns then everyone else could use this Christian virtue and sacrifice a little of their own too. Once again Babette shows how she is Christ-like with the 12 guests at the table, and by her example of willingly serving and sacrificing for them she shows them how to live out Christian values. The people invited to the feast were somewhat scared about what the feast would contain because it was a foreign meal. They soon find that the meal is extremely good and end up enjoying themselves. At this time the members are able to basically forgive and forget whatever came between them and their neighbors, and are able to have fun together. Her feast is Eucharistic in a way that the feast is like the Eucharist. I think the closing image of the film deals with love. When Lorens enters his aunt's house his candle is unlit, but when he meets Martina for the first time both of there candles are lit which symbolizes the love is alive. When Babette first ate with Philippa and Martina the candle was lit showing Babette being welcomed. There are also tons of candles at the big feast and candles placed around the minister's picture. The candle that burns out in the last scene looks like the

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