Essay on Bab The Worst Thing For Them

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Baba was always popular, he always had a multitude of friends, and even when he wasn’t with them, he still had Amir. The thought of Baba not only being gone, but being alone, breaks Amir. For some people, the worst thing for them is being alone. Due to what is known about Baba’s personality, he was most likely one of those people. Always making new friends and remembering the old, Baba was a well-known, well-respected businessman who was very charitable and brave. Even as a child, Amir’s father had Ali by his side when no one else was.
Amir is surprised when he gets a call from Rahim Khan, whom he hasn’t seen or spoken to for about twenty years. When he goes for a walk about talking to Rahim, all he can think about is his comment about being good again. Amir was struck by the words, and realizes that his unatoned sins have come back. He knows he must go to Pakistan and face them, become good again. The first passage that talked about how you can’t bury the past foreshadowed this event. After over twenty years, moving across the globe, and starting a new life, Amir couldn’t escape his sins from the past.
In this quote, Rahim Khan realizes how passive and pessimistic Afghans can be. Most just let things happen and give in. They don’t try to make things better or fix things. This could be foreshadowing of how people Amir will interact with on his journey might behave. Whatever it is that Amir must do to atone for his sins, on the way he might witness the injustice of the…

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