Ba 578 Final Exam - Latest 2014 Essay examples

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BA 578 Final Exam - Latest 2014

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If You Face Any Problem E- Mail Us At FinalExam v There are 4 parts:

Part A: True/ False (1-15)
Part B: Answer the following questions (16-21)
Part C: Select the correct answer for the following questions (22-60)
Part D: Work Problem (61-71) **All work must be shown step by step** v Two different ways to submit your answer sheet
1. Scan your answer sheet and place it inONE FILEat drop-box. (preferable)
2. Use MS-Word and place it in a drop-box. v **Excel is not acceptable for this test
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__ _____10.An alternative hypothesis (Ha) is a theory that contradicts the null hypothesis. The alternative hypothesis will be accepted when there is strong evidence leading us to reject the null hypothesis. ___ ____ 11. The p-value of a test depends on the observed data, but the critical values of a test do not. _____ _ 12. Other things being equal, decreasing ? increases ?. __ _____ 13. The larger the p-value associated with a test of hypothesis, the stronger the support for the null hypothesis. _____ __ 14. The probability that the test statistic will fall in the critical region, given that H0 is true, represents the probability of making a type II error. ___ ____ 15. When we reject a true null hypothesis, we commit a Type I error.

Part B:Answer the following questions (16-21)
16. What is the Null Hypothesis? Explain.

17. What is the Alternative Hypothesis? Explain.

18. Explain how you decide what statement goes into the null hypothesis and what statement go into the alternative hypothesis.

19. When should the z-test be used?

20. When should the t-test be used? 21. What is a critical value?

Part C: Multiple Choice (22–60) ___ ___ 22. The variable about which the investigator wishes to make predictions or estimates is called the ____.
a. dependent variable b. unit of association
c. independent variable d. discrete variable ___ __

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