Awareness Of Sustainability Initiative At Spectrum Sunglass Company

1040 Words Oct 27th, 2015 5 Pages
1. How did you build awareness of this issue?
- I started to build awareness of sustainability initiative at Spectrum Sunglass Company by conducting private interviews first. Before make any other decisions, I thought it was significantly important to understand other employees’ view on this initiative, and it did helped me to understand their views. I was able to realize who were in favor of the initiative and who were not. Besides conducting private interviews, I also hold town hall meetings. Since this applies to all of employees, I thought it was a great idea to spread the idea of the initiative within the company. In addition, I walked the talk. I thought it was important to meet individually to talk about the initiative. Furthermore, I sent out emails. Even though people disregarded the emails, I thought it was crucial to let people know about this issue. Lastly, I got consultant’s support to build awareness at Spectrum. All of these decisions definitely helped me to bring awareness of sustainability initiative at Spectrum Sunglass Company.

2. How did your actions differ between the mobilization, movement, and sustain phases?
- Since there are different goals needed to be achieved during the mobilization, movement, and sustain phases, I used different actions in order to achieve different goals. During the mobilization phases, I was trying to build awareness of the issues just like above. After conducting private interviews, I realized some people do not want to…

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