Awareness And Understanding Of Worker 's Rights Essay

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II. Introduction
This design project is an attempt to increase the awareness and understanding of worker’s rights for those about to endeavor in the working environment by creating a design output that summarizes and explains the intricacies involved in said rights in such a way that it is understandable by the majority. As approximately one- third of the population is involved in some form of employment (be it full-time employment or part-time employment), it is only fair that the awareness of what they will be entitled of be given to them.
To make it more understandable, the general layout of the final design project can be seen as a version of two popular literature guides, Sparknotes and No Fear Shakespeare, because it aims not only to inform their target audience of the rights, but also creates situations wherein these rights are violated, or situations wherein one can invoke their rights. It is not enough that one simply knows of his/her rights; he/she must also truly understand what it means and how it can be utilized in situations that might not appear to be very common, but while no one really expects any misfortune to happen to him/her it does not mean that it does not happen at all.
To make the content of this design project more credible, different forms of gathering data will be used, from reading up on printed material, to creating surveys. Things like printed evidence make things more solid, and getting an outside opinion enables new perspectives, and when…

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