Reflective Essay: The Most Important Task Of Teacher And Trainer

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The most important task of teacher/trainer is to educate the learners. To do so safe and supporting learning environment and positive behaviour have to be created in the classroom. In this essay I am going to reflect on number of topics such as the importance of promoting appropriate behaviour and respect for others, ways to promote equality and value diversity, the importance of identifying and meeting the learners’ needs and ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment with reference to my past experience.
First of all I’d like to reflect on promoting good behaviour and respect for others. Learners’ positive behaviour motivates the teacher to do a better teaching/delivery for his/her students. As a result of this action learners also get motivated and have a better learning. Whereas, negative behaviour damage not only the education of learners involved in that behaviour but also damages the education of others in class/group. “Respect is about accepting others, not being rude to them or lowering their confidence and self-esteem in any way” (Gravels, 2014, p128). In my voluntary class, I was acting as a role model for my students in a number of ways. Take for example, by respecting them and their opinions/ideas,
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Students learn in different ways according to their own individual approaches, talents and interests to the learning situation. Learning difference can also be affected by cultural and family background, socioeconomical level and experience of people. To provide an equal opportunity for all learners to be successful in school, I must first develop a deep understanding of individual differences in learning through initial and on-going assessment and observation. I have also to follow the Equality Act (2010) to prevent any discrimination according to age, gender, race, disability, religion and belief and sexual

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