Essay on Avenues of High Performance

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Avenues of High Performing Teams
Tami Durling
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High Performing Teams help organizations to succeed with their goals, short, and long term plans. Internal and external High Performing teams organize the company within a moral, virtue, innovative, positive, and kind atmosphere (Institutionalism). The culture of the business takes on a highly driven positive behavior of conflict and resolution. With these teams there is perseverance and healthy compromise to get the task at hand finished, and its everybody’s responsibility. The stress and responsibility of getting the job done is on the shoulders of the team as a whole not just one person. High Performing Teams
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The leader needs to have the ability to hold down balance and sound behavior. Setting and lifting expectations while giving out grace where it is needed throughout the team. Balancing the team’s complaints with knowing how to cross examine and diffuse problems with civil management adhering to the policy of the company. Continuing on thru to the norming, performing and adjourning stages of the Bruce Tuckman Model to strive towards the
Self-Directed and High Performing Teams that are continuing making businesses successful all around the world ( D.Molnau, 2015).

Avenues of High Performing Teams

Successful characteristics of establishing Self-Directed High Performing Teams.-
The best High Performing teams is when the team functions together as one constructively for the common goal of the company. Team coaching is the core of the teams self-esteem and gives them the hope and ability to withstand the rapid changes and influx of new technology. To be guided to how to interact with other team mates helps to diffuse conflicts and miscommunication. Taking more of an advocate approach while listening and understanding view of why one individual might act the way the way they do and gain understanding on what the real problem is. To attract the resolution needed for the issue at hand for the whole team to balance and continue moving forward constructively. Coaching the team on

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