Automobile Industries And The Automobile Industry Essay example

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• In order to make affordable automobiles for general buyers despite the increasing cost of manufacturing, the automobile industry is continuously under pressure of the Government. As a big revenue generator of the Government, it is hard for automobile manufactures to remain competitive globally. Trading cars in different countries of the world, Automobile companies have to be aware of the distinctive political patters to maintain a healthy and safe business operations. Also, the climate change agenda, such as the Environment Protection laws, made strict emission levels for manufactures when producing vehicles, which forced the whole automobile industry to pay attention on “Go Green.”
• Automobile companies is highly depended on economic conditions. Changes in disposable income, oil prices, exchanges rates, taxation and the overall economic growth around the world would make great impaction on the automobile industries. Economic crises dramatically affected the sales of automobiles, especially in the developed countries. In the case, it demonstrated that the decrease in the oil (gas) prices would lead less people buy electric cars, which the demand of different types of automobiles are closed related to the economic factors.
Social Culture:
• Social factors in the automobile industry usually are related to the efficiency of traveling, increasing the environmental concerns, and having an attitude toward eco-friendly. Also, the culture of automobile changed greatly,…

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