Pros And Cons Of Auto Franchise Dealership

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Chapter 12

Auto Franchise Dealership: The Ideal Choice

Franchise dealership is an automobile seller that trades brand-new and used cars for automobile manufacturers like Honda, General Motors, Ford, and and other renowned car brands. Only a trusted franchised dealer can sell a certified second-hand vehicle from a manufacturer. Before car dealerships existed, manufacturers sold automobiles through department stores, traveling salesmen, and wholesale distributors. The first automobile dealership was established in 1898 by William E. Metzger. As of today, the automotive industry remains competitive and demanding despite the economic hardship. And there are millions of vehicles on the road today, and more clients and cars are in need of automobile services. That is why owning an auto franchise dealership is a rewarding choice for entrepreneurs.

Items Needed:
• Attorney
• Business plan
• Car dealer license
• Investment money
• Location
• Motor vehicle dealer bond

Instructions of Owning Franchise Dealership:

1. Study the
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Low interest rates. Franchise dealerships can provide financing to customers through the manufacturer’s financing firms, Honda Finance Corp, for instance. These financing companies work for the car manufacturer and can offer potential cleints with lower interest than the third party financing means.

2. Certified mechanics. Intensive employee training is required by manufacturers, so technicians should know their products well. Franchise dealers do have loyalty plans where car owners can gain discounts and points for hiring their services and repairs that are being done.

3. Certified pre-owned. Franchise dealers provide car warranty programs and certification for used vehicles through the manufacturer after an inspection. Certified pre-owned cars are widely popular want to change their old cars but are not ready to buy a new one. This type of dealership allows people to save cash on monthly

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