Australia 's Political System Of Australia Essay

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Country SWOT
a. Australia’s Political System
Consumers in Australia have high disposable incomes, where it allows them to spend freely on beverage and food items. The competition is strong in the dairy industry. Where the competition is so strong no single business is able to force another leading business out of the market, by this it ensures that the competition remains high (Australian Government, n.d.). Australia is thriving domestic agribusiness sectors and is one of the world’s largest exporters of key agriculture commodities including dairy products, and meat.
They do not rely heavily on imports which has strengthened their trade industry. Australia has a strong political and civil stability (Australia, Dairy, 2016). The dairy industry in Australia has a general economic stability and success and obtains the availability of capital. The Australian government offers funding and support to maintain the stability of the dairy industry (Australia, Dairy, 2016).
The costs of doing business in Australia is higher than in emerging Asian markets. This is due to the infrastructures that now supports manufacturing industries, which can be a loss in investment for Australia (Dairy Australia, 2016). The policies have hesitation due to possible change of the government. Australia’s domestic market is smaller than Asia’s peers, also the Eat Australia campaigns could create problems for companies that export to Australia rather those that have a domestic manufacturing presence…

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