Australia 's Anti War Movement Essay

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Australia followed the United States footsteps in this anti-war movement and on the 8th of May 1970 around 200,000 people throughout Australia, took part and marched in Moratoriums calling for an end to the war in Vietnam. Many have called it ‘the greatest single demonstration of strength that the peace movement in Australia has ever achieved’, Melbourne gathered the largest numbers which is estimated to be at least 70,000 and even as many as 100,000. The media and conservative politicians had all predicted and even appeared to be threatening violence, but all was avoided, even The Age was impressed by how peaceful protest was:
Seventy thousand citizens took to Melbourne streets yesterday, shouting, ‘Peace’, ‘Stop the war!’ A thousand police, many armed with pistols and shotguns, waited. But hardly a punch was thrown. The riots did not happen.
When speaking to any Australian involved in the first Moratoriums, there is a familiar observation made; no one was expecting the mass numbers and were taken by surprise by how many people felt the need to make a stand. For many like Betty Blunden it was their first public political action ever made, “I was 58 years old when I made my debut. I wore a little fur hat because I was frightened I was going to be hit on the head by a policeman’s baton”. Many protesters have gone on record saying they expected violence and that the Kent State shooting which had taken place just four days before hand had instilled a fear into some…

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