Essay on Australi A Unique System Of Government

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Australia has a unique system of government which, while similar in some respects to the United States of America (USA), is quite different in important areas. In the follow paper I argue that while in certain areas the President of the USA carries greater powers than that of an Australian Prime Minister, in some important categories he or she does not. I argue that the separation of powers are a critical constitutional restriction on the President which does not similarly hamstring the Prime Minister and may indeed make the President envious.

Australia is a constitutional monarchy, which means it has a parliamentary system of government and monarch who is the nominal head of state, but in reality holds little real power (Miragliotta et al 2012: 7). Australia is also a federation of states, like the USA, which means it employs two levels of government, one at the national level and one at the state level, and neither has greater power than the other (Miragliotta et al 2012: 52). Bicameralism, or the use of two houses in government, is used in almost all Australian governments. At the federal level of government the two houses are called the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives, the lower house and also called the peoples house, is where government is formed and laws are proposed. The Senate, or upper house is made up of representatives from each of the states and territories of Australia and provides a check on government (Parliament of…

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