Should Australia Become A Republic Essay

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1.0 Introduction

As a nation, Australians have become a unique group of individuals, vastly different from the British who settled in this country. Australia is a multicultural continent with its own laws, constitution and systems, so why should Australians still be a part of the constitutional monarchy under Britain? Why should it not become a republic, and increase its independence?

This report will investigate the currant system Australia operates under, and the suggestions that have been made in the past to change to a republic, to come to a conclusion on whether or not Australia should become a republic, or remain a constitutional monarchy. Through the investigation of various sources the recommendation that Australia should become a
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This will benefit Australia by giving it independence as country and nation, allowing it to grow on its own, without constantly being under the Queen. Becoming a republic will allow us to have our own head of state, who knows Australia, rather than a queen who lives in a different country. Since the first settlers arrived the Australian people have constantly been growing and forming their own identity, culture, beliefs and values which are different to those of the people in other countries. Australia is already a nation with its own identity, which can only grow stronger if given the chance to become a republic. It is also believed that the ARM 's goal of democratic engagement when choosing the presidential election method is vital if Australia were to become a republic, rather than the 1999 example when people had no choice in this. This method will benefit Australia as it gives them the choice of how and who they want to elect to run Australia, and represent the nation. Also, just because Australia changes into a republic, this does not mean that the friendship with England is lost. Becoming a republic will change how the government is run, and who represents us, but will not sever the bonds of a long formed friendship between the two countries. Overall it is clearly more beneficial for Australia to become a republic, and form its own government that to continue as a constitutional

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