Auschwitz Concentration Camp : The Most Horrible Place On Earth

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Most would refer this place as the most horrible place on earth. The Auschwitz Concentration Camp was fully established on April 1940. The camp was built on a piece of land near the Polish City of Oswiecim and could hold about 150,000 prisoners at the same time. Many of the prisoners were sent to camp where they were forced labor then were eventually killed. These prisoners were put to work for long hours and were given no breaks. Often tortured and even had experiments tested on them, millions had started to die off. Auschwitz Concentration camp was truly a horrid place on earth where over one million victims experienced life or death situations such as inhumane living conditions, life sentence, or have been used for different experiments.

Jewish, Poles, Roma and other nationalities that Germany had despised were sent to spend the rest of their lives in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. After being put in a cattle wagon with no room, the soon to be prisoners three day journey to the Auschwitz camp begun. The cattle wagons were cramped full of people; old, young, women and babies. There was absolutely no food or water on the journey causing mostly small children and elders, to collapse onto the floor and eventually pass away. A lot of people didn’t survive this stage causing distressed woman to go into a panic attack making others around them to think that the women were going mad. A total of one point three million people were put into those cattle wagons and…

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