Augustus: Job Of Military Enforcer

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It was actually a decent day out in the country of Mule the sun was shining through the clouds and you could almost actually stand the smell of sewage in the air for once in a long time. Augustus was born and at birth given the job of Military Enforcer.He was born into a family of five and was the second born.Being the second born he knew how the older children suffered and even the younger ones.Augustus family was also very poor and sometimes they could go days without eating.Sometimes they might get lucky and catch a luxurious meal like a rabbit or some rats but that wasn’t often.They would have to hunt outside the city limits for the rabbits with a bow and arrow or a slingshot. Ausustus wasn’t aloud to use his service pistol outside of the …show more content…
Twas the night of the ball and Augustus was assigned a gun instead of his usually baton and was directed to protect Senator Johnson.He walked up the the Senator to introduce himself but by the time he got “Hello I'm your enforcer for the night” the Senator said don’t talk protect now leave me be and stand close but not within five feet of me.The Senator was assigned to give a speech in front of the ball later that night so Augustus didn’t know if this would be possible to stay 5 feet away from him if he’s supposed to protect him.It was time for the Senator to give his speach to the ball so he got up said hello to everyone and began he was halfway through when a man started to get up out of his seat no one paying any attention to him but Augustus then the man started to pull something shiny Augustus quickly noticed it was a gun and drew his and shot the man in the arm the Senator freaked out and yelled at Augustus “You idiot what are you doing”.Augustus said “He had a gun”.Security ran up to the man and brought him in to custody the night then proceeded on and when it was over the Senator apoligized and thanked him.Augustus was leaning over the top floor balcony when a very sharp dressed figure approached him.The man said “You know I could use someone like you to protect me”.Augustus said “who are you sir if I may ask”.The man said “I am General Slum your president,head hancho whatever you would like to call me but call me the wrong thing and ill kill you,no one saw that man …show more content…
Twas the night of the signing in Slum’s office with Augustus behind Slum and two other guards guarding the doors.The general said he has made his decision and then proceeded to speak to Augustus “So I looked into your background it seems like these laws aren’t doing the best for your family and it seems like I could solve your family's problems with this new revoking law bill.Augustus said “Yes yes you could sir”.Then Slum said “well that's too bad with an evil laugh and said guards grab him.Before they could get to him Augustus knocked out Slum so he couldn’t sign the bill and then the guards grabbed him but Augustus was strong and tough he had to fight his whole life to get here and to help his family and he wasn’t about to let two guards ruin it for them Augustus struck one across the jaw knocking him out while the other punched Augustus in the head then Augustus spun back towards the guard picking him up and slamming him on the side of Slums desk then he picked up a chair from another part of the room and smashed it on the guard knocking him unconscious when right about that time Slum was about to sign the bill and run but Augustus ran quickly across the room with the knife from his boot and had it at Slum’s throat before he could do anything.Augustus screamed “Sign the bill now or i'll kill you.”The general said “Kill me” so Augustus stabbed his other hand against the desk as hard as he could the general let out a scream and said “ok ill sign.”After the general signed

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