Augustus In The Res Gestae

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Augustus Caesar was the first Roman emperor. Augustus was never a modest emperor and was aware of all of his accomplishments. In his personal record of his undertakings in Res Gestae, Augustus wrote about his political life, military happenings and his support for the public along with a political statement. Augustus Caesar was supportive of himself and the decisions he made and wanted his people to know this as well. The Res Gestae was a successful piece of a propaganda, especially coming from the first Roman emperor throughout his successful career.
First, Augustus reveals his first deeds that states: “At the age of nineteen, on my own initiative and at my own expense, I raised an army by means of which I liberated the Republic, which was oppressed by the tyranny of a faction” (pg 5). The first sentence of the first deed alone is the most important because it tells us so much information. Therefore, he tells us his age to show how much experience and how far he came to become one of the greatest emperors of all time and how independently brave he was as at nineteen years old. In addition to that, he raised an army independently with his own expenses and planning. Therefore, he is a man of action first and secondly a man of financial wealth. Which are great attributes to have as an emperor, he also explains in his deeds how he reestablishes the liberty of republic. He easily could have taken over Rome but he wanted to continue a republic, in which he did. Therefore, the first
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It shows us how humble Augustus is as an emperor, he also used his own money to help out the Romans community it just goes to show us how much effort he contributes in on the people around him. He goes out of the way for the Roman community to not only to make himself look good but also the community itself. On the other hand, he talks about his military like its superior though they defeated most of all his antagonist. Augustus is highly confident with his military and as well as his political accomplishment. But he was generous in a quiet, unostentatious way. Unlike most people Augustus was humble and really cared about the people in the Roman

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