The Day Lincoln Was Shot Analysis

The Day Lincoln Was Shot written by Jim Bishop and published by Harper and Row Publishers. This book chronicles an hour-by-hour look into the twenty-four hours before President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. This book includes information on Lincoln’s personal life, the conspiracy behind his assassination, a postscript, a bibliography, and pictures of the men and women involved in his murder, himself, his children, and his wife. Author Jim Bishop brings Lincoln to life with his well written and well thought out tale of the first presidential assassination in the United States. The story starts on Friday, April 14th, 1865, the day before Lincoln was murdered.
The first few chapters, daybreak; including the hours of seven and eight in the morning, which discuss his morning routines, and the day before; including personal information, discussing his children, and his wife and the conspiracy of his assassination, which discusses the men and women who wanted him killed and what their reasoning behind their decision. In the chapters discussing
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President Lincoln had been shot and killed by John Wilkes Booth; then Booth proceeded to flee the scene of the crime. Then, not long after the fatal shooting of the president, news followed that Secretary of State, William H. Seward, had been stabbed. The hunt was now on for the conspirators, the police diligently searched for Booth, Herald and Surratt; the only known address was for Mr. John Surratt, when the police arrived at his home, his mother says that she hadn’t seen her son in nearly two weeks. Meanwhile, at the very break of the morning John Wilkes Booth was being seen by Doctor Mudd, Booth had broken his leg while trying to get away from the crime scene. Eventually, Booth is found and gunned down and the Doctor that fixed his leg was prosecuted, although he had no clue about Booth’s crime until after the

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