Attending The University Dance Theatre Rehearsal Essay

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I chose to attend the University Dance Theatre rehearsal because I really admire contemporary dance and wanted to watch what the dancers do “behind the scenes,” so to speak. I wanted to better understand the work that goes into the dances instead of just viewing the final piece, which I often do. I chose to watch a Ballet 1 technique class because ballet is a form of dance that I appreciate but never really understood and because ballet contrasts the modern dance rehearsal I viewed. I’ve always believed that ballet was too proper and structured for my liking and represented the human body in a very fake way, too posed and upright. I wanted to watch a class that challenged my beliefs and while I still don’t think ballet is the most enjoyable dance form, I definitely appreciate the dance for what it is and the dancers who are dedicated to keeping it alive. In the rehearsal, the performers were learning a piece choreographed in 1964 by Jose Limon for his teacher, Doris Humphrey, who had passed away a few years before in 1958. Limon had put many movements he had learned from Humphrey together to music by J.S. Bach. Whereas the dancers in the rehearsal were learning one dance, the dancers in the technique class were learning various movements, positions, and dances to different pieces of music.
A noticeable difference between the technique and rehearsal classes I attended were the interactions between the teacher and students. The considerably larger rehearsal class had less…

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