Atlanta PC Repair Marketing Plan Essay example

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Atlanta PC Repair Marketing Plan
Keller Graduate School of Management MM 522
Summer 10, Session B

Atlanta PC Repair provides computer, technical, and consulting services to small businesses and home computer users. Our services include, but are not limited to: * Software and hardware repair * Network installation and maintenance * Hardware and Software upgrade services * Training *
Business name reflects the concept. . A strong name based on your mission to provide end-to-end business solutions should convey that you are an expert and the only rational choice for your target small business prospects.

* High level of
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58% are individuals between ages 25-64, the target customer age for household consumers, of which 34% have Bachelor’s degree or higher. It is safe to assume that these individuals own at least one computer, limited time, and tremendous buying power, in terms of repair hours.

Atlanta PC Repair’s main competitors are Geek Squad and other small repair shops.
Geek Squad diversified from its original computer repairs, and currently offers the following services: * Computer & Networking * TV & Video, * Audio & iPod * Car & GPS * Mobil Phones * Gaming * Camera & Camcorder * Appliance services

Geek Squad exists in all Best Buy stores in US and Canada. In addition to on-site service inside Best Buy, Geek Squad also offers at-home, online, and over the phone services. The hourly rate for virus and spyware removal, Atlanta PC Repair’s niche, range from $149.99 for online support to $299.99 for in-home service. The in-home hourly rate is double the price Atlanta PC Repair will charge for similar service. The closest Geek Squad inside Best Buy is approximately 2.5 miles away, with two other locations within 5 mile radius.

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