Athletics In Ancient Rome And Ancient Greece Case Study

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Athletics in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece

By: Max Poland
Due: Thursday 23rd 2015
Class Period: 3rd
Word Count: 1,657

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Step 1: Identification

The investigation will answer the question of how the sports of ancient Rome and ancient Greece have impacted their cultures respectively. This question is relevant because the way that sports impacted the society lead to the big historic events in the past. The time period that my investigation will be researching is the time of the ancient Greece which is around the 8th century to the 6th century BC. It will also be looking into the sports of ancient Rome which is around the 7th century to the 4th century. Specific sources that will be used in the investigation are David Ibbetson’s article on “Athletics in Ancient Law”, Thomas Sienkewicz’s article “Ancient Greek Athletics”, and Richard Lyttle’s book “The games they played.”
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David Ibbetson is a very credible author. Ibbetson gained his PHD and MA from Cambridge in Law. Its purpose was to inform the audience about athletic laws back in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. A value of this is that it gives the perspective of an outsider looking how sports effected the societies that implemented the laws. A limitation of this source is that it doesn’t specifically say how the society so a little more thinking was involved. This source gives lots of information on the laws that Ancient Rome and Greece implemented to keep athletes safe and people safe when athletes are training. Another Limitation of this source is it didn’t quite tell you what culture implemented the laws first. It does hint to that both societies end up using the laws to protect people and athletes. After all the investigation of this source it is found and looks to be very credible and has lots of

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