Athletes Test Positive For Steroid Use Essay

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Athletics are extremely competitive. Athletes will do anything in order to stay at the top of their sport, even if that means taking illegal substances such as steroids or human growth hormones to get a head of the game. We know that Major League baseball has had a problem with the use of steroids. Even with the greatest athletes in the world. They will do anything to get that gold medal. The Olympics is notorious for having athletes test positive for steroid use. Every since the Greeks and the start of the Olympics athletes have used enhancers, the Greeks used sesame seeds. The Greeks thought the sesame seeds had special powers to make them have more endurance. The Greek athletes would eat bull testicles; they thought they would be stronger after eating them. But they really were receiving testosterone from the consumption of the bull testicles. It actually was the first forms of steroid use. Testosterone is a natural occurring steroid what is produced in the genitals of a male animal and the ovaries of a female. The winner of the 480 Olympic games was said to only eat meat for 10 months leading up to the games. This was said to have increased his body muscle. But back in ancient times it was a win at all cost competition. They didn’t have the stiff regulations we have in the Olympics today. They just wanted to win and receive the fame and glory. Not much is documented about steroid use in the Olympics until the 1930’s. After World War II…

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