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When a phone company puts out an advertisement, their main goal is to promote a

message to prevent such tragic events from occurring in society. There are many advertisements

trying to grab the audience’s attention to make a difference. In this advertisement, AT&T, uses a

real life situation to show the audience how risky it is to use your phone while driving. Since

AT&T is a major phone seller, they take advantage of that to reduce the number of accidents in a

majority of people to make sure that the products that they sell aren’t a major cause in deaths. I

believe that this advertisement is very effective, because not only does it provide a message to

the audience, but it may save many lives as well.

For many people, advertisements
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The mother is portrayed as being very young and seems to be in a rush to get her daughter

to school. The daughter is a very playful girl that likes her dolls and her crystal bracelet. The

colors in the background fade when the camera focuses on the characters, such as the boy riding

his bike and as the man and woman each drive their cars. The characters seem to be living a

typical American lifestyle, but everything is changed toward the end of the advertisement.

The commercial changes drastically from beginning to end. In the beginning, all of the

characters are happy and living a typical American lifestyle. They don’t expect anything to

happen to them and don’t think of the risk involved with using their phone while driving. The

dramatic part of the commercial is when the woman hears her phone beep and all of a sudden,

she completely focuses on her phone, drawing her attention and eyes away from the road. Right

when she looks at her phone, she collides into the blue ford pick-up truck, which happens to be

her husband. Her daughter is in the back seat of the beige sedan while her mother was driving it

and the man, woman, and the daughter are all affected from this crash that was caused by
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target audience is anyone who drives and anyone with a phone that is behind the wheel. I

honestly believe that this commercial pertains to everyone and is something that should be

emphasized to really show people how dangerous it could really be. The author of this

commercial, AT&T, makes sense with this message to the viewer. They are a major carrier for

phones and they don’t want their phones to be a cause in death and car accidents.

In conclusion, this commercial is very valuable with a lesson to be learned. In the

beginning of the commercial, the boy saw the lost shoes and wondered about it but towards the

end of the commercial, the boy was speechless when he saw shattered glass everywhere and

witnessed the crash. This changed his bike ride drastically and also the commercial drastically

changed from beginning to end. This shows us that everything could be normal but then

everything can be drastically changed. All of the elements provide the effectiveness of this

advertisement and I believe that AT&T provided more than just a commercial, but a valuable

lesson that everyone should respond seriously to and take it into

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