Astrology Is Not A Valid Indicator Of One 's Success Essay

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Astrology is now classified as pseudoscience yet people continue to adhere to old traditions. Many people still believe that a meticulously calculated birth chart holds all the secrets to their life. Astrology dictates that the placement of planets shape our destiny, whether it be good or bad. There is no way out of it, besides mantras, yogas, and sacrifice. You can only alleviate not resolve.

“Placement of celestial objects” holds no ultimate authority of one 's future. It is a misconception that holds no scientific evidence. Therefore, you should view concepts like predestination or luck with skepticism. Astrology is not a valid indicator of one’s success. I can assure you that even successful people struggled to reach great heights. Look at Andrew Carnegie for example. He rose from “rags to riches”, yet he became one of the wealthiest man in the world in the late nineteenth century. He work at the Pittsburgh telegraph office and soon his talent brought him attention to a Pennsylvania Railroad official. Even though he was a struggling Scottish immigrant, his hard work and pursuit of talent soon yielded fruitful results. He dominated the steel industry in late 1880s and surprisingly resigned from his businesses to shift his focus to philanthropy. He donated $350 million to fund school and library constructions. Carnegie teaches us to make hard work your route to success and therefore a better destiny. Remember destiny can be changed through a right mindset. In order to do…

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