Assisted Suicide Vs. The United States Essay

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Physician Assisted Suicide Opposing Viewpoints Physician assisted suicide has been legalized in four states in the United States, but many places are proposing new assisted suicide or Death With Dignity laws. Assisted suicide is a very controversial topic and there is much debate over whether to legalize it in the United States. There are arguments for and against assisted suicide, but there is also a point that both sides can agree on. Supporters of physician assisted suicide believe that the procedure is a good thing and should be legalized. There are two arguments that exist in support of assisted suicide. One of the main arguments for assisted suicide is the patient’s right to autonomy (Haigh and Neville 3213). The right to autonomy includes the patients right to make an informed decision ( Haigh and Neville 3213). This decision can be made solely by the patient and for the patient’s own self and well being (Haigh and Neville 3213). According to an editorial written in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, autonomy is the right to self-government and individual choice (Haigh and Neville 3213). Individual choice is the mental process of thinking involved with judging several behaviors and selecting one of them for action (Haigh and Neville 3213). The only behavior and choices that one can control is one’s own (Haigh and Neville 3213). In health care, it is thought to be a fundamental ethical principle to respect a patient’s autonomy (Haigh and Neville 3213). When the…

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