Assisted Suicide And Suicide Should Be Legal Essay

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The agony, the suffering, the painful knowledge of knowing you are going to die with excruciating pain, with no say in what happens to them, as you just watch your time run out. Assisted suicide grants someone the choice of a life or death decision in a more ethical way. Assisted suicide and suicide are two different things. Suicide is where an individual takes his/her life in a manner that is referred to as being inhumane such as hanging or a gunshot. Assisted suicide is where a professional physician gives you a lethal dose of pills that you have to be able to swallow to end your life peacefully rather than suffering until your death. Today physician assisted suicide is legal in Montana, Oregon, Washington,Vermont, and recently California in the United States, around the world it is legal in Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Switzerland. Assisted suicide should be legal in all countries and nation because it leads to a more compassionate society, it is a freedom that grants freedom and peace of mind to an individual, despite religion, and suffering is unnecessary. Having control over your life and how you carry it out gives you dignity and pride leading to a more understanding society.

Legalizing assisted suicide leads to many feeling they have a choice and say in what happens to them leading to a more compassionate society. An event in Belgium lead to an international debate and outrage over the topic. Two identical twin brothers were euthanized by…

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