Assisted Suicide And Euthanasia Suicide Essay

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Assisted suicide occurs when doctors help a person transition to death with as little pain as possible. Opponents of assisted suicide argue that it is unethical and doctors should heal the patients rather than end their lives. (“Physician- Assisted Suicide”). However supporters claim that assisted suicide is about the patients and what they want to do. Although assisted suicide may be against some doctor’s ethics, I believe if the patients with terminal illnesses wat to die, then they should have the right to choose when the suffering shall end. How it works is a patient talks to their doctor saying that is what they want to do. Then the case of the patient has to be reviewed by another doctor, similar to a second opinion. (How Does Assisted Suicide Work?). After both doctors signed off on the papers, they can then fill a prescription for the patient of lethal drugs two days later. The doctors can not give the patient the drugs, but the patient has to do it at their home. Usually some medical professional is present at that time. (How Does Assisted Suicide Work?). Assisted suicide is not cheap, it ranges from a hundred twenty five dollars to one thousand dollars. If a patient choose one kind they go into a coma for few minutes then death comes about a half hour later. (How Does Assisted Suicide Work?). If the patient is a little more on the heavy side death can take up to two days. (How Does Assisted Suicide Work?). Supporters of assisted suicide see it as a means of…

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