Essay Assignment on Nursing Theoriest

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Task Five

Nursing theories are the guidelines to perform nursing practice effectively. Since the origin of nursing practice, there are many remarkable theories have been developed. According to Tomey & Alligood (2006), these theories have been classified mainly into four different groups, which are, Philosophy, Conceptual model and Grand theories, Theories and Middle range nursing theories. Benner’s Dreyfus model of skill acquisition theory comes under the first category, which is the philosophy. This essay discusses the significance of Dr Patricia Benner’s skill acquisition theory based on the Dreyfus model, reviewing the five different levels of the theory including its application in today’s nursing practice and
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During this stage, nurses are capable of differentiating the cases according to its seriousness. They show competency, uniformity, good time management, planning and mastery in their tasks and they try to practice the learned rule in various suitable situations. A few years of practice make them absolutely fit enough to the profession (Benner, 1984; Tomey & Alligood, 2006; Callaghan, 2011).
The fourth stage is the Proficient. This stage is a pathway towards the Expert stage. Proficient nurses have a holistic approach towards the situation and they are directed by the maxims. Because of this approach, they can set long – term goals and it makes them unique in the profession. Additionally, they never find any difficulty in decision making and they can easily deal with the complex situations. They have acquired this holistic approach from their vast experience, which makes them capable not to stick on the rules in their decision making and they are fully satisfied with their performance (Benner, 1984; Benner et al., 2009).
The last is the Expert stage, a stage of ‘intuition’. The Expert nurses can easily find out the solution of any problem without reviewing the rules, maxims or guidelines. Their rich experience in the profession makes them capable of approaching the situation with intuition. They can undoubtedly deal even with complex situations in an extraordinary manner. Their expertness reflects on their

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