Assignment Notes: Strategic Human Resource Management And Leadership

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Register to read the introduction… •Culture: beliefs, managing the organization along with values. •Organization: structure, reporting line and job rules of organization •People: professionally skilled staff and qualified management team •Human Resource System: developing mechanism in which people are centre of concern to work on strategy which includes, selection of the employees, training of the staff, rewards to keep employers motivated, etc. The senior manager of the company will keep their focus on only one or more dimensions while neglecting the other dimension. When the company fails to deal with all four dimension, they end up with failure to achieve the desired goals. In order to get required result, the organization should train their staff, improve the communication system within the manager and employers and reward their staff with appraisal to keep them …show more content…
Administration Objectives: maintaining accurate data regarding every employee which includes their performance, rules, attendance and other personal details. [Purcell, 2001]
8 Impact of Regulatory Requirements regarding HR
A.C 3.2 Analyse the impact of regulatory requirements on human resource policies in an organization
There are certain regulations in a country in which organization operates which can affect the way it maintains its human resources. This includes, but is not limited to, minimum wage requirements, workers’ health policies, provision of safety equipments, etc. An organization or employer found in breach of such regulations may be held liable for breaching the duty of care towards the employee.
9 Organizational Structure and its impact on HR
A.C 4.1 Analyse the impact of an organizational structure on the management of human resources
The structure of the organization highlights the different activities of the organization such as co-ordination, allocation of tasks, supervision, etc (Jacobides, 2007). The prominent structures include divisional structure, functional structure and matrix structure. (Lim, et al.
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The culture can, not only be developed but also reshaped by the human resource, leadership as well as people working for it in the company. The idea of high performance can only succeed if everyone in the organization work, keeping mind the same objective. There are several training sessions held by the Siemens in order to support its partners. The ‘people excellence’ which is all about establishing a cultured which is on the fact that the idea of being trusted and responsibility is the only that can motivate a person, is a very important part of the business strategy shared by Siemens’. The HR theorists has widely examined that nothing can motivate an employee expect the feeling that all his efforts are appreciated by his organization. By making them part of the successful team, they establish the feeling of being valued and involved in the success of the business. Siemens believes in a culture which is based on team work. [hrSpectrum, 2007; The Times 100, 2007; Griffiths & Walker,

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