Assignment : Analyzing The Target Behavior Essay

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Behavior Change Project
Assignment 1: Analyzing the Target Behavior

1. Define the specific problem behavior in detail and in behavioral terms. Be sure to indicate whether the target behavior is an excess or a deficit. If it is a deficit, state the (competing) behavior excess(es) that has been occurring in its place (2 points) The specific problem being addressed is smoking cigarettes. The behavior is an excess and it is to the point where she doesn’t even realize how much she is smoking a day. There are certain tasks throughout the day that a cigarette is just a part of.

2. State how you will measure the behavior (e.g., frequency, rate, intensity, duration, percent, latency, points). Be sure to include the unit of measure (e.g., minutes). (2 points) I will measure the behavior with frequency. It will be measured by how many cigarettes are smoked per day.

3. State your final goal, in terms of your measure. (2 points) The final goal for this project is that her total number of cigarettes per day will equal 0.

4. State your initial goal, in terms of your measure of your target behavior. (2 points) My initial goal for the measurement of the targeted behavior is to reduce the number of cigarettes by 5 per day. Her current number of cigarettes is around 20 per day. The first week of the behavior modification, it will reduce to 15 per day for one week, then 10 a day for one week and so forth.

5. Hypothesize a list of all rewards (reinforcers) that have possibly been…

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