Lcef Case Study

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How you would describe LCEF’s current visual identity via social? How does that compare to what you may envision?

Source: Pew Research Center

Why is establishing a visual identity important through LCEF’s social media (SM) platforms important? The visual identity of LCEF communicates who your organization is to a global audience. You want your visual identity to communicate how your financial organization is excellent and what sets you apart.

The visual identity for LCEF plays a critical role in promoting the efforts of the organization (whether that is loans or ministry support), raising awareness about the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod denomination and creating unity among Lutheran Church Missouri Synod members in order
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From here 3 things need to happen: o Create realistic number goal for where we want to be in 2 months o When posting SM statuses and updates, ask viewers to share the post or comment. Verbal cues are important. o Rather than setting a goal to get more likes, goals need to be specific

• Examples of realistic goals for the next 2 months: o NOT JUST QUANTITY, BUT QUALITY (on posts) o Respond to each comment or query within 24 hours. o Increase Facebook followers by 100 in the next 2 months o Create eye-catching photos by creating infographics o Brainstorm video ideas
• Example: Travel Diary of 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering in NOLA (In Christ Alone #NYG2016)

***See goal

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