Assignment 2 Recruitment And Selection

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Assignment no.2- Recruitment and Selection
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(a) Job advertisement
(b) Selecting and evaluating candidates
(c) 3 sources of information you need to collect about the applicants received for the advertised job
(d) mechanism (model/framework/matrix) to compare candidates so that you can make the best selection decision.
(e) letter of offer of employment to the chosen candidate

E-recruitment process have been devised for the recruitment and selection process , because its cost effective and can reach to more number of applicant in a short span of time . Moreover , according to (Rudman) requirement of age,sex should not be incorporated in the advertisement , and therefore the same has been done
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Ans.b) Selecting and Evaluating the candidate for the purpose of Senior Account Manager :
Stage 1: online application
Teamwork application question
What accomplishment you achieved as a responsibility in recruitment ?
Leadership application question
Describe a time and the outcome when you have encountered an issue and implemented your skills to overcome this.
Career choice application questions
What qualities are suitable which enables you to take the career with seek ? How previous experience of yours can help you to excel in this position ?

Stage 2: Interview
Portfolio Manager is going to conduct the first interview which may cover education qualification and work experience, the motivational factor to join the company and the relevant competencies which can drive the career goal of the candidate. This interview would provide the opportunity to know about the requirements and the knowledge expectation from the candidate.
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Ans.c )
Source of Information What the information will provide Validity Reliability Why would you want this
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The attached draft individual employment agreement contains your proposed terms and conditions of employment.
You can discuss this offer of employment and the proposed employment agreement and seek advice from your family, union, lawyer, or someone else you trust. If you would like information about your employment rights, see or phone the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s free information line on 0800 20 90 20.
If there is anything in this offer of employment that you are unclear about, disagree with, don’t understand and want to discuss, please contact me.
Acceptance of employment offer
If you agree with the proposed terms and want to accept this offer of employment, please sign [both] a copy of this letter [and the employment agreement] and return [it or them] to me by 15th Oct 2016. If I don’t receive a signed copy of this letter [and employment agreement] by [5pm] on that date, this offer will be automatically withdrawn and you will not be able to accept

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