Essay Assignment 2: Critical Infrastructure Protection

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Assignment 2: Critical Infrastructure Protection
Eustace LangleyCIS 502
Facilitator: Dr. Gideon U. Nwatu
Strayer University

Critical Infrastructure Protection
The Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience advances a national unity of effort to strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure (The White House Office of the Press Secretary, February 2013). It is imperative for every nation to develop a critical infrastructure protection plan that will provide the essential services to its society. To archive this, a government must be proactive and coordinate its efforts that will reinforce and maintain secure, functioning, and
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This assessment is essential to identifying priorities for increasing the resilience of these economic assets to future storms, floods, droughts, and wildfires.
Establish an infrastructure and resilience council to coordinate deployment efforts
The Obama administration can establish an infrastructure and resilience council of top-level agency leadership that will be reporting directly to the president and coordinated by the National Economic Council. The president must also create a mechanism for ensuring accountability and leadership in seeing these planning and coordination efforts through to implementation. Each agency would be instructed to identify new executive actions that support infrastructure modernization, and wherever discretion is allowed within agency authorities, this body should prioritize and expedite those efforts outlined in the national infrastructure vulnerability assessment. This interagency effort must also provide additional resources to support the administration’s efforts to expedite the approval process for strategically important infrastructure projects, while preserving fundamental environmental protections. This would advance the president’s goal of cutting timelines in half for better highways, bridges, railways, ports, waterways, pipelines, renewable energy, and other infrastructure projects, while ensuring resiliency in the face of a changing climate
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