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BSBINM501A Manage an Information or Knowledge Management System:
Case Study
Margaret House, CEO of Bounce fitness and the Board of Directors are keen to have the four Centres registered with fitness Australia ( They feel that standards required to be met as a registered fitness centres would not only ensure the credibility of the organization in the eyes of the public but provide goals for the Centre Managers and Teams.
Registration will require meeting the code of conduct for the state in which each Centre is located and ensuring that all trainers meet, or immediately undertake training to meet, certain standards, and information about the registration can be obtained by going to the Fitness Australia website and
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That is why they do not have it now. They will also not want to participate in the further training initiative.
If the whole standardisation process is not managed carefully, there is potential for dissatisfaction and all Centres may not comply with the standardised procedures. This is a major concern for the Executive; hence your recommendations are crucial.
You have been asked to investigate the feasibility, benefits and practicality of entering into such a relationship with Fitness and make recommendations. Prepare a report for submission to the CEO and Board.

Task 1 – Practical: Obtain Information
Task 1 requires you to gain background information. On your own paper, address the following points to ensure you have all the necessary information:
1.1 Review the information in the Case Study; examine the information on the bounce fitness Website.
1.2 Identify, define and analyse the business problems and issues.
1.3 Identify what information you will require to provide to the CEO and Board of Directors to allow them to make a decision.
1.4 Investigate the information on the Fitness Australia website. How do you know that the information you are gathering is reliable.
1.5 Check the information and ensure that the information you select to use is not contradictory or ambiguous.
1.6 How will you obtain anecdotal and other information not held in formal networks from the

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