Assessment Tool Analysis Paper

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Assessment Tool Analysis Paper
Assessment is the first and most important element of the nursing process. Assessment tools are not merely designed to measure the physical nature of the illness. They can also measure the psychosocial, spiritual, and emotional well-being of the patient. Watson felt that addressing the patient's mind, body and spirit can promote health and individual or family growth. She felt that nursing was distinctive through the science of caring and medicine involved curing (Suliman, Welmann, Omer & Thomas, 2009).
In this paper I will be discussing three assessment tools that can be used by nurses to verify better, organize, and interpret a patient's emotional and spiritual well-being. I will describe the purpose of
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The initial cost is twenty dollars which includes one copy of the scale, scoring manual, and the research bibliography. The test is meant to be self-administered and self-scored. ("The Spiritual Well-Being Scale", 2009). Although the SWBS can be utilized for any adult population, it is best used for individuals who have some belief in spirituality or a higher being. This assessment tool is useful for identifying individuals who lack a sense of spirituality, but cannot judge the level of spirituality if it is already high ("The Spiritual Well-Being Scale," 2009). This tool can enhance the assessment phase of the nursing process because studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between spirituality and quality of life. Having a healthy spiritual well-being improves physical health, mental health, social relationships, and improves a person’s level of independence (Velasco-Gonzalez & Rioux, 2014). After reviewing my vulnerable population from my self-awareness paper, this tool could be utilized to assess Pamela’s relationship with God and her satisfaction with life before her passing away. If Pamela is determined to have a good spiritual well-being, she will have comfort and tranquility in her last days of life. Older populations that are spiritual and believe in a higher being can benefit from the Spiritual

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