Essay on Assessment Of The Author 's Community Teaching Experience

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This paper is a detailed description and assessment of the author’s community teaching experience. I have demonstrated to a group of people aged from 16 to 55 at Lourdes Matha Catholic Church at Apex, North Carolina. I got a warm welcome from the parish priest and the community. Parish priest was pretty happy with the subject, which I have selected as “Environmental issues”. He told me that, there was another presentation also held at the church, however those subjects were different and this is the first time somebody is teaching about the environmental issues in the church. I have prepared a PowerPoint presentation and walk it through the audience. The presentation mainly covered about what are the different types of environmental issues as a community which we are facing now. As a person what is their role and responsibility relates to the environmental issues. What is the role of the parents and how they can teach their kids about a better world for tomorrow. In this paper the author is covering what is rational to choose this topic, Epidemiological rational, what is the response of the community to the teaching, their evaluation about the teaching, what was the strength and which area needs improvement. This is the first time the author has made a public speech, and was very anxious and nervous about it. Once the author got response from the audience, it was very much encouraging. According to the Institute of Medicine, “environmental health as freedom from illness…

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