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Assessment 2 Case Study
SOC 10007 Understanding the modern world
Globalisation and Rationalisation

Introduction The era of modernity, began and flourished in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. In every language, the meaning of ‘modern’ would mean up to date or contemporary. In sociology, it was referred to as the ‘Great transformation’, a term which reflects the enormous magnitude of change that took place (Polanyi, 1973). The main features of modernity were growth of productive capabilities, efficient food production, and the replacement of agriculture by industrial manufacturing, as the dominant form of productive activity. Modernity saw the development of new political ideas, such as
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A consent form was viewed and signed. Her privacy and confidentiality has been respected and a pseudonym name has been used. I collected information by providing a list of questions and sent it to her via email so she could spend some time thinking about the questions and how it has affected her in the last 4 decades. The questions were basic open ended questions so she could provide an in-depth answer. I have retained a copy of this case study on my computer as well as a printed hard copy.

The interview was conducted initially with a brief discussion in person on what this case study would pertain to. Covering how globalisation and rationalisation has effected Sue’s (pseudonym) personal life over the last four decades. What changes have been impacted Sue’s life and have they been for the better. Over the period of 40 years, which is what time frame we looked at, Sue has moved from suburbia Adelaide to the Adelaide Hills. During her working career, she spend many years in the fast paced city life of Sydney. Before moving back to South Australia to reside until present in a beautiful serene part of the Adelaide Hills, she still works in the Information Technology industry.

Analysis and Discussion
Sue grew up in a religious family environment, church on Sunday was a regular occurrence. We were all raised Catholics and Sue, like myself, had been

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