Asses to the Extent in Which Soceity Has Entered a Period of Modernity

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Assess the extent to which sociological arguments and evidence support the view that society has entered a stage of postmodernity (33 Marks)

In recent years as society has developed some sociologists have said that some explanations have become irrelevant in our society. These sociologists being postmodernists. Until recent years society is said to have been in a state of Modernity (is that right..?) and postmodernists have argued we have entered into a stage of Post Modernity.
This change in society could be seen as easily noticed by the changed through different changes within society, for example the change from Industrialisation to Globalisation. Modernity focuses greatly on the difference in class being an important factor in a
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it is now images from the media that influence us, and form our identities. Our identity is simply dominated by images. Baudrillard's ideas of a media saturated society also link to what he would 'simulacra', this is simply when images reflect things in society, but actually have to place in reality, for example a world disaster is reported on the news - we are shown none of the real horror, we are simply shown a 'watered down' version of events. Baudrillard would say that this lead to 'hyper-reality', another example of reflections of real society that people believe to be real, a good thing that shows this would be soaps, people relate character story lines to real life but these may not actually be representative of real life, as they are not even real.
(This seemed really waffley...)
Similar to the ideas of Baudrillard, Bauman would also argue that postmodern society is based around consumption, his idea is similar also to that of Davie, regarding religion in society (should I have used that?) that life in a postmodern society is like a shopping mall, as mentioned earlier, you can 'pick n' mix' your identity as and when you so choose, people have to ability to consume what they like, when they like and have more choice in doing so. There is no right thing or way to follow so people may vary.

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