Aspects Of A Self-Directed, Active Learner

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Plotting the Steps to a Better Me
This assignment has given me a unique opportunity to evaluate myself and my goals. To my detriment, at least eight years have passed since I have attempted a similar exercise. While they have not been bad years, I know I could have achieved more if my life goals had been more clearly in focus.
Aspects of a Self-Directed, Intrinsically Motivated, Active Learner
According to Jeff Cobb, a self-directed learner has at least fifteen aspects. They are as follows:
1. Takes initiative;
2. Is comfortable with independence;
3. Is persistent;
4. Accepts responsibility;
5. Views problems as challenges, not obstacles;
6. Is capable of self-discipline;
7. Has a high degree of curiosity;
8. Has a strong desire to learn
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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
While I believe I have more than two personal strengths and personal weaknesses, I intend on concentrating on just two of each.
My first and most formidable strength is my acceptance of self-responsibility. I know I am the master of my future. I, and I alone, am accountable for my words and actions.
My second strength is self-awareness. I know that I do not and will not know everything. I am aware of my surroundings and the context of the situation.
My most dominant weakness is my need for instant gratification. I know that I seek out my grades and can be disappointed in myself for achieving below 100%. Grades, to me, are like a jolt of dopamine. Instead, I need to be more excited about the process of

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