Asian Americans Should Not Receive Creditability For Their Achievements

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This passage is the starting point to Yang 's argument that Asian-Americans do not receive creditability for their achievements because of their race. Throughout the article, Yang provides several cases where there 's a lack of equality within education and the workplace. Yang believes that America is discriminating against the Asian-American class. Yang appeals to his audience with pathos to further his argument regarding the acknowledgment of Asian-Americans. Yang’s argument is that even though Asian Americans are one of the most successful ethnicities in the country, stereotypes that Asian Americans are exposed to affect the way other Americans view them (Yang 2). Even though in the United States is a melting pot where everyone is welcoming. Most of the people are stressed by the faith that can face discrimination in a new environment. Because of personal bias and discrimination, human society fails to see other people for who they are and puts too much emphasis on differences of what they are supposed to or not supposed to be in America today.
A lot of Asian-Americans, with high scores and high grades, feel they’re getting discrimination on campuses from peers and teachers. According to “Examining the Complexity of the Campus Racial Climate at a Hispanic Serving Community College,” Asians, Latinos, and White students in the community colleges face discrimination and bias over years of education (Cuellar 1).On the other hand, survey results show that more discrimination…

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