Artificial Intelligence Is Not On Many People 's Radar Essay

1926 Words Nov 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Artificial intelligence is a topic that is not on many people’s radar. Some people think it’s a technology that won’t be achieved or mastered until the distant future, and some people think it’s nothing more than science fiction, but people don’t know that this technology is fast approaching, and it could have good and bad consequences. There are people who think artificial intelligence is the future and will have a hand and everything we do, while many other people think it could have disastrous consequences for humans. Artificial does have some negative implications, but it is a necessary technology that will help us in the future. We should continue to progress artificial intelligence even if there are negative implications. Artificial Intelligence is the development of computers or technology that can perform tasks that require human intelligence. The idea of artificial intelligence or machines performing human tasks go back many centuries, but the field of artificial intelligence wasn’t officially created until 1956 at a conference at Dartmouth College (Lewis, para. 2). Artificial Intelligence continued to progress since then until 1997 when a computer beat a chess grandmaster named Garry kasparov. Chess is a game of thinking and making the right moves, and we have computers that can beat the best chess players in the world. That shows the power of computers and how far we can take computers if we continue to progress them. Chess isn’t the only thing computers are…

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