Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Essay

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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

A Term Paper
Presented to
Department of Social Sciences and Humanities
College of Education and Social Sciences
Mindanao State University at Naawan
9023 Naawan, Misamis Oriental

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Of the Requirements for the Course

English 2 (College English 2)


March 2011


Nowadays there are insufficient of medical specialist in the most developing countries which can cause of increase of mortality of patients suffered from various diseases. With this case, the institutions of higher learning take certain action to produce as many doctors as possible. However, many patients will die while
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Machines have less errors and defect, minimized time and resources. Time and resources are not wasted but effectively used to achieve the end goal. To relate this advantages of artificial intelligence to medical terms. Artificial intelligence can complete the operations faster compared with

doctors because it assists all the works. It can lessen errors of doing operations and diagnosis. Artificial intelligence is consistent in doing the work or operations, quick replication, fast processing. It also used for testing something with the used of isolation by using simulation, like doing test, blood test and many others.
As to its disadvantages, artificial intelligence lacks inspiration. Artificial intelligence do their task because of nothing and its because they are only program to do certain task. Artificial intelligence needs instructions, they do there work depends on the instructions given by the programmer to do certain task.
Artificial intelligence is predictable, it will only ever create new permutations of know states. In this case, you can predict what artificial intelligence doing because artificial intelligence has only one behavior which in doing its task.
Artificial intelligence is redundant, which means doing ce rtain task that is already done. On the other hand, artificial intelligence gives rise to humans feeling insecure and may have the fear of losing their job

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