How Does Technology Affect Health?

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The word technology simply does not have a common definition that spells out what the meaning of the term is. Some, when this word is mentioned, like to think of technology in the sense of smartphones, mobile devices, and all sorts of electronics. Not to say that these common responses are incorrect but they are rather partial when it comes to the true definition of the term “Technology”. Richard Li-Hua, the author of The Journal of Technology Management in China, has stated that “the attempt to define technology is quite challenging, and people, in general, may have different interpretations as they are positioned differently” which might be a reason why some find technology as either an issue or a helper (Li-Hua). The word technology usually …show more content…
“How can something better us human and again hurt us?”, one might ask. When it comes down to health, technology seems to have greatly evolved in terms of medicine and ways to treat patients in dire need. Without a doubt, the area of health is very crucial and medical technology has made itself indispensable to people’s health (Aim edu). Whenever the word technology is mentioned, a typical person always and almost picture the benefits that the technology is bringing to the table. When it comes to health, technology in this field has advanced greatly due to innovative machines that can look into the human system and detect problems. Health records have made it possible to save the medical history of generations to further determine how to cure diseases and illnesses; sometimes these records are used to prevent diseases as well. Health Records allows an independent healthcare system to easily attain the real-time measurement of individual biometrics as well as customized prescriptions without the hassle to visit health professionals in person” (Health technology inpersp).This phase alone in record keeping may seem rather insignificant but it is a way to save time and energy. Along with that, Health records comes into play when it comes down to situations that require invasive procedures. It helps to know if an individual requires a major and deadly surgery or if that person just needs to take a pill (Aim edu). In the old days, technicians and physicians would have to examine patients’ anatomy by having to perform an invasive procedure just for a diagnosis; where now due to advancements in Nuclear medicine, physicians can perform a diagnosis without having to complete an invasive task. Nuclear medicine includes the use of small radioactive materials that are used to diagnose a variety of diseases such as cancers, heart diseases, and all sorts of

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