Artificial Intelligence And Compatibility : The Survival Of The Physician

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Artificial Intelligence and compatibility: The survival of the physician

Abstract : Medical Expert systems are entering the healthcare industry under many guises. Paperwork and busy schedules impede doctors from long engagement with their patients, In the near future, medical expert systems will be the solution. My paper will discuss the extent trade-off between technology and physicians in treating patients by first, addressing the emergence of expert systems, their impact a physician 's job and analyzing their benefit/detriment to physicians. As this technology progresses it is clear that ethical guidelines will further recede and increase in complexity regarding the extent of their use in the field of medicine. This paper describes a solution. My paper will discuss the meaning of what it means to be a physician upon medical expert system integration. I argue for the reassessment of the fundamental identity of a physician 's role. I analyze the effects of medical expert systems on the tasks of physicians and the relationship that exists. I will also address the concern of what extent autonomy will replace physicians jobs and the continued survival of their career. I propose that the continued survival of the physician lies on their ability to integrate and adapt this technology.

Expert systems in the healthcare industry

Since the invention of sanitary soap by Ignaz Semmelweis in 1846, doctors have come a long way these short 200 years. In the practice…

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