Artifact: Article About Interactive Assault Harassment?

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Artifact #3 - Article about Interactive Assault Harassment
The third artifact is an article that addresses the misogyny in the video game called "Beat up Anita Sarkessian". Sarkessian started a campaign with a purpose to end sexism in video games, in response a man from northern Ontario created an online game that allows the players to strike Sarkessian 's face. The video game was taken down the day after its initial release but Sarkessian continued to face harassment. The harassment can create a hostile environment for a person trying to stand up against sexism.
Key Component #1 - Excerpt from the article
“Hackers attempted to shut down her website, fundraising page and social media sites and harassers sent Sarkeesian pornographic images
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He claims that she is using the fact that she is a female as a way of raising money, which he thinks she will not be using for the rightful cause. He even claimed that she scammed many people to raise the $160,000 for the campaign. He has no solid proof to whether the scamming rumours are true or untrue. Despite his stand against the scamming scandal against Sarkessian, it is not justified to make a video game about harassing her because it will offer no real solution. @Bendilin has many social media accounts, most of which are used to spread hateful messages against all women. He talks about women being the emotional creatures who are not good at video games or academics. Since then, @Bendilin has tweeted many times trying to justify his reasons behind the creation, but each tweet just sends an even stronger misogynistic message. Such negativity can be seen in many young males as they are influenced by the society and media to believe that women are inferior.
Artifact #4 - Website selling urinals shaped like woman 's
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The urinals represent an extreme example of misogyny. The urinals are named "Kisses!", which means that women must 'appreciate ' the fact that men are urinating in their mouth. This places the women in a submissive position as she has no control over the disgust thrown at her. Men are supposed to 'target ' at the urinals, which shows that men are supposed to target in the mouths of women, disrespecting them and make them feel inferior. Even though these urinals sparked a lot of debate, but the administrators of public places around the world that feature these toilets said that they will not be remove

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