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Journal Article Summary
America is one of the most diverse countries and with that come some major issues. One issue has been biases toward Blacks, Latinos, and Asians and police officer’s decision to shoot when they encounter the suspects. The purpose of this study was to measure the decision to shoot based on certain races or ethnic groups.
Study 1 involved 69 ungraduated students from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Study 2 involved 224 police officers from Florida, New Mexico, and Washington. In both studies the participants were primarily Caucasian. The college participants were required to respond in an 850-millisecond time window to either “shoot” targets holding guns or “don’t shoot” targets holding harmless objects. A point system was setup to show consequences and rewards for “shooting” or “not shooting” armed or unarmed targets. Participants of the study were led into cubicles by an experimenter and given instructions. Each participant was given headphones for feedback and to reduce interference from others. They filled out a questionnaire after the video, thanked, and then debriefed. Police officers followed a similar setup, but had a different scale used for their reaction times. Researchers used the discrimination scale and stereotype scale to measure the police officers. (Sadler et al, 2012)
After the first study was completed researchers went through all the data. The college participants made incorrect responses on 3.3% of trials and time-outs on…

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