Article Review of Leaderships Is a Conversation Essay

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Article Review – Leadership is a Conversation
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Article Review: Leadership is a Conversation
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The authors of this article are Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind. It is published in the Harvard Business Review, June 2012. Boris Groysberg is a Professor of Business Administration in the Organizational
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The users are able to see eye to eye and are able to have almost life-like conversations through their computer. Another is the Kingfisher plc., which held a “bazaar of ideas” with the idea to link up several previously separate divisions. These ideas may be all well and good for industry giants such as Cisco and Kingfisher. But for smaller companies, which make up most of the bulk of business, these ideas are not feasible as they are too expensive. Cisco’s Tele-Presence for instance, is US$21,600, which is a large amount of money, especially for a head of a small business or a upstart company. Kingfisher’s “bazaar of ideas” meanwhile, involved them renting a building in Barcelona, and one can only imagine how much that would cost , considering that Kingfisher made it a compulsory event for all their retail managers. Groysberg and Slind give good examples, but unfortunately , they are not suitable for all except those at the very crux of the business world
However, the article also gives some positive points. Groysberg and Slind persuade managers to have personal conversations with their employees and not just bark instructions to them. This is a style of communication where managers not only give information to their workers but also they gather new knowledge and the views of their employees. This two-way communication style is a far cry from the

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